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Hi I am Millard, I enjoy reading and just started audio books. I like YA books the best,


Silverfin - Charlie Higson

This is book 1 in the Young Bond series. I liked it and will read the rest, if you like the Alex Rider or the Jason Steed series you will like this series as well.

Audio Books? ! ?

— feeling confused

So I got my first audio book. I like to read and know a few guys at school who only listen to audio books, I thinking reading is better. However my mum was given a free book down load so she gave it to me. I went for 'Fledgling Jason Steed' by Mark A. Cooper, I have read it before and read all 5 books in the series. But since we were going to the Lake District in our caravan for our holiday I thought it would be nice to listen to on the 7 hour drive. 

I plugged my phone into dads car and we all listened to it. 

Wow, it was great, I knew what was going to happen but it was still nice to hear his adventure and it made it more exciting. Even more so mum and dad liked it and want to know what happened next.


So will I become an audio book fan rather than a reader? Not sure. I have listened to it a few times now, I listen to it while going to sleep. I am now going to get the Harry Potter series on audio. 

Edelweiss Pirates: Operation Einstein (Volume 1) - Mark A. Cooper
""Life has no remote get up and change it yourself" Mark A. Cooper"